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Wireless Internet Connectivity

Connecta understands the importance of rural business contribution to our NZ economy. We provide reliable consistent, and cost-effective internet connectivity solution using a range of 4G LTE, WiMAX & WIFI technology to extensively cover our rural NZ businesses.

VoIP & PBX Phone system

Cloud PBX is a hosted phone solution that provides NZ businesses with an affordable, reliable and smartphone system that delivers high quality calls over one wireless internet network. Cloud PBX supports a range of features that you can manage online via our customer portal. Talk to us now for the customized solution that will get your business connected.

Managed Services

Managed Services is a complete all-in-one solution. Your IT hub is relocated to one of our privately owned Data Centers in Auckland or Hamilton where all your software applications will run. Private data networks link your sites to the Data Centre and Compass manages the entire operation including network, help desk support, backup, and security all for a fixed monthly fee.

Telecommunications infrastructure certificate

Broadband connections are now considered a necessity for home and business owners and whether you’re planning a backyard subdivision or a property development with a hundred lots, the new occupants will expect broadband and voice services. Connecta can help you get your new build ready and connected with some of the best broadband available in the world.

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