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Service Description: Connecta provides internet and phone connectivity using a range of wireless and fixed-line technologies.  We use WiMAX, Fixed & Mobile 4G LTE, Point to Point licenced & unlicensed wireless links. In Fixed Line we use ADSL, VDSL, UFB connectivity.

Connecta offers very secured and cost-effective solutions for all your phone requirements, we attaint this by using VoIP on our own voice network.

We offer our service to rural New Zealanders, whether it’s for business or for your house we will fulfil your ICT requirements. 

Availability: With the help of Wireless and Fixed connectivity, we can cover up to 80% of New Zealand.

  • Connecta Advanced and Connecta Premium plans are available only on selected sites, please check our coverage map.
  • Connecta Essential Red and Connecta Essential Blue plans are also limited to certain areas. Please call us to check if you are in coverage.
  • Connecta Infinity that is ADSL, VDSL, and UFB is only available in certain areas. Please call us to check if you are in coverage.


Connecta Premium Connecta Advanced
Plan Name Data limit Price Plan Name Data limit Price
Premium 60 60GB $113.45 Per Month Advanced 60 60GB $77.45 Per  Month
Premium 120 120GB $130.95 Per Month Advanced 120 120GB $94.95 Per Month
Premium 240 240GB $170.95 Per Month Advanced 240 240GB $134.95 Per Month
Premium 500 500GB $407.95 Per Month Advanced 500 500GB $371.95 Per Month
Excess Data Usage $1.95
Data Pack
10GB $14.95 50GB $59.95
20GB $27.95 100GB $109.95
Value addes services
Wireless Home Phone (VoIP) $10 per month Mega Cap Mobile 100 $9.95
Mega Cap National & Mobile 200 min Free* Mega Cap Mobile 200 $17.95
Mega Cap National 500 $9.95 Mega Cap Mobile 500 $34.95
Mega Cap National 1000 $14.95 Pay as you go NZ National fixed line 12 cents/min
Mega Cap International 400 $9.95 Pay as you go NZ National Mobile 19 cents/min
Mega Cap International 1000 $24.95
Connecta Essential Red Connecta Essential Blue
Plan Name Data limit Price Plan Name Data limit Price
Essential Red 120 120GB $95.99 Per Month Blue 60 60GB $75.99 Per Month
Essential Red 240 240GB $199.99 Per Month Blue 120 120GB $89.99 Per Month
3G Flat Rate Unlimited 155.00 Per Month Urban Blue 240 240GB $109.99 Per Month
Rural Blue 240 240GB $169.99 Per Month
Data Pack Urban Blue 600 600GB $139.99 Per Month
10GB $14.95 Data Pack
20GB $27.95 10GB for $10
50GB $59.95
100GB $109.95
Note: 3G Flat Rate speed may be managed
Note: Urban Blue 240 is available only on limited areas.
Once you reach your data limit your internet will be stopped, you may only be able to purchase one 10GB data pack for $10 and or add recurring 10GB pack for $10 per month.


Connecta Advance and Connecta Premium 
Access Type A wireless receiver, POE injector and or Wifi Router is all you need to get connected and we’ll rent and install it for you, in a location that has a line of sight to one of our base stations
 Router You will need a router to access this service. You may rent a standard single-band wireless router from Connecta for free (Cambium R200) or purchase a dual-band one for $199 (Cambium R201).
Speeds Connecta Advanced Speeds are variable depending on traffic & speed plan you choose, Home Lite plan can perform up to 5Mbps download / 1Mbs upload.
Connecta Premium Premium plan can perform speeds up to 10Mbps download/ 2Mbps upload. These speeds are theoretical and as we offer the best effort


Connecta Essential Red and Connecta Essential Blue
Access Type Self Install A 4G/3G enabled Wifi Router only
Managed Install A wireless receiver will be installed on the roof and connected to the 4G/3G enabled WiFi Router.
Speed On Connecta Essential and Connecta Blue the speed are variable and it unmanaged., which means this could vary from 1Mbps to 50Mbps down and 0.1 Mbps to 30 Mbps as Upload.


All Connecta Advance and Connecta Premium plan come with a standard managed installation and the equipment that is used in the install is Connecta’s property and needs to be returned when a customer terminates.

All Connecta Essential Red and Blue comes with a self-install router, either at a cost or on 24-month service commitment. In some instance, these plans may require external Dish/ Receiver/ CPE for better performance and in such customer will be charged with an install fee of $299.

For all Connecta infinity plans, that is ADSL, VDSL UFB standard chorus install process applies and this is explained in terms and condition.

What is Standard Managed Installation?

  • The premises is a single story home or building made of wood or brick and has easy access to the roof using a ladder (not scaffolding)
  • The roof pitch is less than 15 degrees
  • 20 meters of cabling or less is required
  • The modem is located against an exterior wall
  • Connecting the service up to a single computer

Note: Non-Standard install may attract additional charges and Non-Standard is classified as anything that doesn’t comply to Standard Install policy.

What is Standard Self Installation?

  • This involves shipping a plug & play 4G/3G enabled Wi-Fi router to you for $299 on Open term (no Contract) or $199 on 12-month term or Free Rental on a 24-month term.
  • You will be charged $14.95 for router delivery
  • 4G/3G enabled Wi-Fi router is the property of Connecta/Compass and must be returned to us if you terminating our services. If you fail to return the 4G/3G enabled Wi-Fi router then you will be charged $299 in addition to the early termination fee.


Contract Period Connecta Advanced & Premium 24-month term
Connecta Essential Red & Connecta Essential Blue Open Term (only on Self Instal) or 12 Month Term or  24 Month Term
Notice Period You may ask us to stop a particular service or cancel this agreement with 30 days’ notice at any time by calling us on 0800 969 869, sending a request via our website or writing to us. If a minimum term applies to your service, we will charge the applicable early termination fee (ETF) or the outstanding amount of the charges for the remainder of the term. If you move a service from Connecta to another provider without notifying us we will continue to charge you for that service for 30 days from the departure of the service.
Exit Term Policy Early Termination Fee Connecta Essential Red & Connecta Essential Blue If you cancel with in any month of your term you will be charged $199 (GST inclusive) as early termination fee.
Connecta Essential Red & Connecta Essential Blue If you cancel from 0-12 month $199 or 12 -24 month $99 (GST inclusive)
Notice Period If you exit with or after your term you will be required to provide Connecta 30 days notice period (Residential Customer). This notice should be given either via email ( to any of staff email address/ contacting our 0800 969 869 customer support number).
Equipment Ownership Connecta hold the right to own all the equipment supplied and in the event of physical damage the equipment being lost you is liable to pay for the equipment unless otherwise purchased
Cambium WI-FI Wouter $99
CPE/Ariel -$500
4G/3G Wi-Fi Router $299
Traffic Management As our wireless plans are capped there is no prioritization of traffic.
Fair Use On Connecta Essential 3G flat rate fair use policy applies
Effects on other services Your phone and broadband service requires mains power to operate. If power is not available (e.g. during a local power outage) the phone, broadband and any services which run over it may stop working unless you have a battery back-up in your home.
You should check with the provider of existing services such as EFTPOS and Sky TV connections to make sure they will operate with this service.   We are unable to support fax, security alarms and medical alarms on this service.
Other charges Courier Charges $14.95
Disputes Information about our customer complaints process is available here.
Compass Communications is a member of the Telecommunication Dispute Resolutions Scheme

All prices quoted are inclusive of 15% GST.
This is a summary only. The full legal terms and conditions for this plan are available on our website.

Updated 30/1/2020