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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very simple;

Step 1. Log on to our Connecta website

Step 2. Key in the address that you want the connection at.

Step 3. Fill in the sign up form and select your plan.

Step 4. A wireless specialist will contact you to book a technician and go through the request.

Alternatively, if you wish to talk to a wireless sales specialist call 0800 969 869 Monday to Friday from 8.30AM to 5.00PM

Yes, we do provide broadband and phone connection to business.

Since no business are the same it is best to contact us on 0800 969 869 to discuss the solution or submit your request on and one of our wireless sales specialists will contact you.

Installation of a directional Ariel on the roof facing the nearest Connecta/Compass cell site

  • Cabling from the Ariel to our Indoor POE Injector & Modem
  • Connecting to the our Wi-Fi Router (Optional)
  • Ensuring computer and phone handset connects and testing
  • Transfer of one landline number to the Vodafone wireless service if you selected Rural Broadband and Calling

There are a number of reasons why an installation doesn’t go successfully such as the line of sight test failing and poor signal readings. If this is the case we will not charge you and we would advise an alternative solution if possible.

If the installation requires a revisit due to the complexity of the install, then we consider this as a non-standard install and costs may apply. Call us on 0800 969 869 to talk to us further.

If you decide not to go ahead with the installation without informing us within a reasonable time or do not show up at the booked time you will be charged $149.

There is no straight definition to what is nonstandard installation, but any activity or materials involved in addition to a standard installation.

To be brief Standard installation will be carried out if:

  • Your home is easily accessible
  • It has just a single storey
  • If it’s made from brick or wood
  • If the modem can be placed next to an exterior wall
  • Modem requires less than 10 metres of cabling

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